UNHCR's Microdata Library contains microdata on forcibly displaced and stateless people. Microdata are unit-level data collected through census, registration/administrative exercises and surveys. All datasets include comprehensive metadata and supporting documents such as survey questionnaires and analytical reports.

UNHCR made a commitment to "ensure that quality and coherent data related to refugees and other persons of concern is systematically, responsibly and efficiently managed by UNHCR and its partners, and shared openly and responsibly both internally and externally (UNHCR, Data Transformation Strategy 2020-2025)." The aim of the Microdata Library is to serve as the reference point for publicly available microdata collected by UNHCR and its partners.

The Microdata Library is continuously updated as new datasets from UNHCR and its partners become available. Subscribe to our quarterly newsletter to stay updated on new datasets and research benefiting from these data. For more information, please contact microdata@unhcr.org.

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