Poverty Measurement for Refugees in Jordan

Type Working Paper
Title Poverty Measurement for Refugees in Jordan
Publication (Day/Month/Year) 2023
URL https://data.unhcr.org/en/documents/details/99518
The technical note describes the method of computing the consumption aggregate and measuring poverty among refugees in Jordan using the 2021 Vulnerability Assessment Framework (VAF) Population Survey. It is the first attempt to measure poverty using a standard consumption module for refugee populations in the MENA region. It adopts the most recent recommendations by Mancini and Vecchi in 2022 and estimates poverty incidence using the cost of basic need approach. The food poverty line, which is common for camp and out-of-camp refugees, is estimated at 17 JOD per capita per day, resulting in 16% and 45% food poor in camp and out-of-camp respectively. The absolute poverty line for both camp and out-of-camp refugees after estimating the in-kind benefits that refugees living in camps receive (such as shelter, water, and electricity) is 81 JOD. Using this poverty line, the headcount poverty rate for all refugees is 57%, the headcount poverty for refugees living outside camps is 60%, and for refugees living in camps is 45%. Using the $5.5 international poverty line, the poverty rates for all refugees is 66%, the poverty rate for refugees living outside the camp is 68%, and the rate for those living inside the camp is 59%. This exercise suggests that the incidence, depth, and severity of out-of-camp poverty is relatively higher as compared to camps, after valuation of the in-kind assistance – shelter, water and electricity provided in camps.

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