Socioeconomic Assessments

UNHCR work with partners to expand the availability, quality and utility of socioeconomic data on refugees and host communities. Reliable data is essential to identify and plan appropriate solutions to improve the socioeconomic circumstances of refugees as well as uplift surrounding communities. © UNHCR/Charity Nzomo

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Socioeconomic Survey of Urban Refugees in Kenya, 2021
Kenya, 2020
UNHCR, The World Bank
Collection: East and Horn of Africa | Socioeconomic Assessments
ID: UNHCR_KEN_2021_SES_Urban_v2.1 Last modified: Jul 18, 2022 Views: 4005
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Social-Economic Vulnerability Assessment 2022
Afghanistan, 2022
ID: UNHCR_AFG_2022_seva_anon_data_v2.1 Last modified: Apr 03, 2023 Views: 2
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Quarterly assessment of the socio-economic situation of refugees, Q1-Q4 2022
Jordan, 2022
ID: UNHCR_JOR_2022_SES_v2.1 Last modified: Mar 23, 2023 Views: 66
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Socioeconomic assessment of refugees through Individual Profiling Exercise - Home Visits, 2022
Uganda, 2022
ID: UNHCR_UGA_2022_IPE_HHVisits_v2.1 Last modified: Jul 19, 2022 Views: 3386
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